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Interim Asset Managers    

Strategic Advice & Operational Support for the Social, Affordable & Market Rent Housing Sectors.
Remote & On-site Managerial Assistance + Situation specific Leadership & Management Training.
Performance Options Appraisals from £8,500 to £26,000 including F.O.C. Virtual Line Management during the assessment period.


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Graeme Haskett
Tel: 01333 310013   
Mob: 07914 733131  
As an experienced property services consultant and executive interim I have successfully assisted many housing providers, local authorities and Tier One property contractors to streamline their operations and increase revenue.
Over the years I have built up a team of trusted associates that I can draw upon to help me when needed, and together we can overcome any challenges you throw at us.
Cost should never be an issue however, as our rates are excellent value for money and, if empowered, we guarantee a first class outcome. We are always happy to work on a results dependent basis, either on day rates outside of IR35, or for a fixed price for an agreed outcome or outcomes. Either way we will tailor the cost to suit your budget.

You will almost certainty have employees within your existing team who have good line management potential. We will help to identify them, vet them, and train them to a satisfactory level. We can then continue to support them remotely for an agreed ongoing period.

  • Lead, motivate and inspire operational teams to deliver high quality services to residents.
  • Develop and implement best in-class processes and practices.
  • Select and implement best in-class digital systems.
  • Ensure that your stock condition data is 100% accurate.
  • Provide well maintained homes with excellent service levels.
  • Provide homes that are 100% safe, compliant, and economical to heat.
  • Effectively manage third party suppliers to ensure cost effectiveness and high service delivery.
  • Ensure every pound spent is both well spent and value for money.


Direct Labour Teams have more often than not had a deservedly bad name for poor quality, contrived inefficiency, extreme cost, and as a source of a high level of mainly unnecessary complaints. Largely uncontrollable ‘beasts’, they evolved over many years assisted by weak and ineffectual management that lacked the will or the necessary experience to tackle them effectively.

A properly structured, well organised, and fully resourced and facilitated internal workforce however, that is motivated, monitored and well managed, will provide far greater flexibility and much better overall service, yet still cost less than any outsourced contractor, particularly when tackling fluctuating responsive repairs demand.

It can act faster when needed, at minimal or no extra cost within an already paid for timeframe, therefore costing little more than the price of any materials. There is also the generally overlooked benefit that comes from building a loyal and dedicated workforce with extensive local knowledge, that takes pride in delivering a bespoke service.



“Project management is the process of applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the planning, scheduling, and controlling of activities that must be performed to achieve project objectives.”

Almost 50% of all projects either fail to fully complete, or are sufficiently removed from their intended conclusion, that they can be considered a failure.

By introducing our problem solving skills, fresh thinking and innovative solutions into struggling projects and underperforming contracts I and my team have resolved many complex and challenging situations for a large selection of clients.

Project management


“An agreement for products or services is only 100% successful when both vendor and buyer are truly satisfied with the overall outcome.”

Whether you are a disgruntled buyer who feels short changed by the service or value you are receiving, or an unhappy seller struggling to make a sufficient return, or worse break even, then it is very likely I and my team can help you in some way.

All reasonable clients expects is a good job, decent service, and a fair i.e. value for money price. All a good contractor expects is to be able to do a good job, provide a decent service, and make a reasonable, if modest profit.

I and my team can assist either or both to achieve a successful outcome.

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